Spikiri Album – King Don Father 2002 (CD)

2005 Mandla Mofokeng aka Spikiri Album, The King Don Father of Kwaito Music - King Don Father 2002 (CD) a2

Spikiri (Mandla Mofokeng) album – King Don Father 2002. Released in 2005 and featuring the very hot Vat-en-Set classic track. This was a follow up album to the earlier released titled, King Don Father 2001, which did very well in Music Markets from across the country. This is a 10 tracks solo album and while Spikiri was busy working on this album, he was also busy producing music for other musicians in the industry.

  • Released: 25 Nov 2005
  • Barcode: 6009143188730


  1. Vat-En-Sit
  2. Zol After Zol
  3. Msawawa
  4. Kheshe Kheshe
  5. Woz’ Ungthathe
  6. Stubborn
  7. Gun Free
  8. Kak Sstorie
  9. Amathamb’ Enqondo
  10. Amadanso
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