Trompies is a kwaito musical group and the members all grew up in Soweto. This kwaito music group consist of various artists namely Jairus Khuse, Zyne “Mahoota” Sibika, Mandla Mofokeng, and Eugene Mthethwa. Trompies started to sing in early 1990’s and they have sold over 5,000,000 copies, they became very successful in managing and producing many artist. This kwaito music group co-owns the record label company named Kalawa-Jazmee.

Trompies in most form they use vernacular lyrics for major presence of language in the region, such as Tswana, Zulu and Xhosa. By using this kind of style they attracted many audience and economic issues that impact marginalized parties and communities in a way that address particular meaning to them.

This kwaito music group that has committed itself to the bible; this kwaito group have made references to Psalm 23 “The lord is my shepherd including also Cain and Able. The members suggested that this illusions show them how important kwaito music is to them more special when they said they are presenting their hood. Trompies got its influence from the older popular musical genres of South Africa such as Bra Ray, Hugh Masikela and many other older stars.

Trompies is commonly known with their bright coloured costumes and streetwise dancing known as isikanda. In 1997 Trompies released the single MagasmanUyatyoroza with late artist of Boom Shaka Lebo Mathosa. This hit single has been featured in so many local South African scripts. KalawaJazmee is one of the most successful recording company which includes the prof of Jazz Don Laka and Oskido the house DJ.


Can´t Touch This



1. Can´t Touch This

2. Skop&Bhoboza feat Tokollo

3. Malabulabu feat Macasket

4. Madibuseng

5. Ngwanesu

6. Lematsa

7. For Sale

8. Koko met Junior Dred

9. Can´t Touch This (Instrumental)

10. Ngwanesu (Instrumental)


Respect (Toasted GonaGanati)

Released: 2004

1. Zodwa feat Stoan (Bongo Maffin)

2. Bengim´ngaka feat T´Zozo

3. Respect feat Kabelo & KB

4. Qombola

5. Uzong´xolela feat T´Zozo

6. Nomalizo feat M´Jokes

7. Ha Ena Mali

8. Ntsha Mme

9. Khon´intela featT´Zozo

10. Magasman feat Lebo Mathosa


Boostin´ Kabelz



1. Introduction

2. Boostin´ Cables

3. KeTswa Hole

4. Di Potsotso

5. NthoTseNtle

6. Vova Le Ngoma

7. Boostin´ Cables (Instrumental)

8. Di Potsotso





1. I Do

2. Fohloza

3. Yebo Yes

4. Celebrate

5. KgalemelaLenyatso

6. Phola Relax

7. Grutas

8. My Sugar

9. Njivane Git Bani

10. Tholakele (Interlude)

11. Fohloza (Instrumental)

12. Jy´s Langhart

13. Stapura (Instrumental)

14. Roba


Sigiya Ngengoma

Released: 1998


1. SigiyaNgengoma

2. Jakarumba

3. Chomi

4. Follow the Vibe

5. Siyavuthela

6. If You Can´t Beat Them Join Them

7. Wonke Wonke

8. We Are Family

9. We Are In the Groove

10. Jolas

11. Nansingoma

12. ThulaThula


Shosholoza [Kalawa-Jazmee]

Released: 1998


1. Shisa Badakiwe

2. Taduma

3. Shosholoza

4. Take It or Leave It

5. Sweety Lavo

6. Satch

7. Kom Push

8. Take It (Instrumental)

9. Vuka Jo Jo

10. ZwakalaUzobloma

11. DansShosholoza


2 Cents ´99 Remixes

Released: 2000


1. Shisa

2. Shisa (Dub 1)

3. Roba

4. ShisaEugène (Dub)

5. Roba (Instrumental)

6. SigiyaNgegoma

7. Shisa (Orig.)


Trap En Los



1. Magasman

2. Jakarumba

3. Askies I´m Sorry

4. LaatOnsNaar Die DiskoGaan

5. Aksie Ndaba Yakho Mpintshi

6. Rumba Mix



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