TKZee is a kwaito music group that was mainly formed by three students, Kabelo Mabalane, Zwai Bala and Tokollo Tshabalala. TKZee started early in 1997 with their hit single Palafala. Palafala became a hit as a single and it sold over 100,000 copies, then at a later stage in 1998 first soccer world cup in South Africa they release the hit single ishibobo featuring the soccer star Benni McCarthy this song was compiled in June 1998, The single sold over 100000 copies mark in just a month these kwaito music group became a household name not just only in South Africa but also across the continent. While busy with their production the group decided to release another hit album namely Halloween which became a hit with few singles such as Dlala Mapanstula, Surprisingly the album went platinum by earning the the SAMA awards for best kwaaito album,best kwaito group and the best single.

As the years pass by TKZee came again with another hit Guz which was a compilation album by another additional members they called themselves TKZee family which was consisting of the TKZee three members and featured Gwyza, Loyiso , 2 Shot and Late Dr Mageuthey where all sharing the stage along with KutlwanoMasote and Jazz genius Moses TaiwaMolelekwa. Many singles they had released were enjoyable and loved by the audience like mambotjie, Izinjazam, Fiasco, Ibholalethu and dlalamapanstula. This hit singles where mostly heard at local street bashes. Audience gave TKZee a warm welcome by buying TKZee copies straight from the retail they were not re-writing the CD. This became a huge benefit for the kwaito music group because it was not long ago they started in their career as entertainers. In the year 2009 the group decided to come with a new style of which they released a hit single Coming Home, which was insipiring them not to let go of kwaito because kwaito is their home and culture.


Coming Home

Released: 2009


1. Everyday

2. Dikakapa

3. Viva La Pantsula! metGwyza, S´Bu, Loyiso

4. Skang’tella

5. Older

6. Show Off

7. BumpaNathi

8. Let´s Go

9. S’dudla

10. ThataEezy

11. Coming Home met Joyous Celebration, NtokozoMbambo

12. Children Hold on


Guz Hits DVD

Released: 2004

1. Palafala

2. Shibobo

3. DlalaMapantsula (2004 “Song Of The Decade” Nominasie)

4. We Love This Place

5. Izinja Jam

6. Fiasco

7. IbolaLethu

8. Gcwal’ Iganga

9. Biography

10. Photo Gallery


Guz Hits

Released: 2004


1. Come Outro

2. Guz

3. Palafala met S´Bu

4. Shibobo met Benni McCarthy

5. Magesh

6. DlalaMapantsula

7. We Love This Place met Gwyza

8. Mambotjie met S´Bu

9. IzinyaZam met TKZee Family

10. Masimbela met S´Bu

11. Fella Kae met Geuzin

12. Fiasco met TKZee Family

13. IbolaLethu

14. Moses (Somewhere Up There)

15. GcwalIganga

16. Ndinxaniwe (Afrikan Desperados)



Released: 2002

1. Intro UmdlaloWethu

2. IbolaLethu (Our Game)

3. What We Do

4. Hey DJ!

5. The World Is Mine

6. Moses (Somewhere Up There)

7. My Boyz

8. Let´s Talk

9. I Got You

10. Ndinxaniwe (Afrikan Desperados)

11. Brotherly Sisterly Love met Angel

12. Ghetto Children


TKZee Family – Guz

Released: 2001

1. Fellakae

2. Offthewall

3. Fiasco

4. Delela

5. Izinjazam

6. It´s My Party

7. Girl Without A Name

8. Mr.&Mrs. Fake

9. Delela

10. It´s My Party



Released: 2000


1. Underdog (Radio Edit)

2. Underdog (Remix)

3. Top Dog

4. Top Dog (The Remix)

5. IzinjaZam (Ina de Jungle)



Released: 1999


1. Come Intro

2. Magesh

3. DlalaMapantsula

4. Sikelela (Sanford & Son Theme)

5. Bona Senzani

6. Mambotjie-2Shot

7. Palafala-S´Bu (Midnight Lover Mix)

8. We Love This Place met Gwyza

9. Come Outro



Released: 1998

1. Shibobo-Benni McCarthy

2. Guz

3. Serenade-Gwyza

4. Guz Luv



Released: 1997


1. Palafala-S´Bu

2. Masimbela-S´Bu

3. Happy Summer Song

4. Palafala-S´Bu (Dub Mix)

5. Palafala-S´Bu (G-Spot Mix)

6. Masimbela-S´Bu (Instrumental)


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