Thebe is a 40 year old kwaito star who first became famous for his song Bula Boot. And it is not a surprise that Thebe wish to have the words ‘where is the party?’ engraved on his tombstone because a party is not a party without a song or two from him.

It looks that Thebe used the two year absence from the music industry to really focus on his career and cover up all his loopholes.

When he re-emerged from his self imposed musical exile last year with his already certified platinum album simple titled ‘Lenyora,’ every Kwaito fan knew that the top dawg is back with a bang and that the vibe will definitely continues.

Thebe, who has admitted that he is now grown up, has tore down his vulgar language which was previously his trademark and now sings for everybody – the censor board would be happy as well.

People would be surprise that Thebe listen to a lot of jazz and laid back music in his spare time for some musical inspirations. It is not a surprise that Thebe regards his opening act for the world music icon, Ishmael Lo of Senegal, in 2000 as one of the highlights of his career. When comes to lyrics, Thebe writes about everyday struggle.

Released: 2011


1. Last Man Standing

2. Don’t Rush

3. Ne’Birds

4. Loloza

5. JikaUthi

6. Roko Shi

7. Noposi

8. Yenza

9. Lengoma

10. Mujomba

Released: 2008


1. Ugezi

2. Ungan’bamba

3. Legayo

4. Ayobaness

5. Zaiya

6. Binary

7. Dintsara

8. Way Back 2008

9. Ugezi (Instrumental)

10. Zaiya (Instrumental)

Released: 2006


1. Ndize

2. DankieMabebeza

3. Thwantsha

4. AyabaYo

5. Nomathemba

6. Nice Time

7. Way Back

8. Katana

9. Calabash (Instr)

10. Nice Time (Instr)

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