Sash aka Mphikeleli Nkabinde was born in Zola township, Soweto, 24 years ago. His father, Fana Mdluli passed away while he was still six, and he did not stay with his mother, Elizabeth Nkabinde, but opted to stay with his paternal aunts.

He is one of the many phenomenal stars to come out of Zola – which includes his childhood heroes like M’du Masilela and Mandoza. Today there are countless music stars who come out of the same township.

He has done wonders as a member of the kwaito group Izinyoka, and has come a long way before he could release his debut album Same Ndoda, as the title album states. He says it means he is still the same man as he was when he started as an unkown fellow.

It was not until Sash Omnyama (Black Sash) was discovered by fellow TS Records star, multi-award winning Brown Dash that he took his music career seriously.

Both Brown Dash and Sash grew up together in Zola, though they were not friends, only acquintances. Sash, or Pipiliza as he was popularly known then, was a member of the school choir at the respected Dr Vilakazi High School in Zola 3, where he tried to make it, but not getting anyone who could take him seriously and record him professionally.

It is also a sheer co-incidence that the same Brown Dash not only discovered but also gave him the nickname Sash Omnyama, a name given to thugs whose skin is very dark – and this name has stuck with him ever since.

“I started singing at school when I was doing Grade 9, and musicians like M’du and Mandoza locally had an influence on me. I also had a liking for international an artist, R Kelly who has inspired me ever since the first day I heard him sing.

When I met Brown Dash through Willy, who also dances for him, I was doing Grade 11 in 1999. Brown was still a member of Doc Shebeleza’s group The Smokers, and when our friendship developed.


Released: 2006


1. Nika Nika

2. Sash Omnyama

3. Ziwaphi?

4. Emilindelweni

5. Zwakala

6. Thathi-ka!

7. Asi Ncebeleke

8. Nsimbi Yemoto

9. Shova

10. Nika Nika (Remix)

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