Mzekezeke is one of the most popular young music artists in the genre of Kwaito, predominant in South Africa. Mzekezeke, whose real name is Zakhele, was born in Tembisa into a family of six children. From a young age, Mzekezeke longed to be a kwaito musical icon, so he dropped out of school early to pursue his dreams. For some time, he only faced rejection by music producers until he approached DJ Sbu, who helped him spread his music through the radio.

Mzekezeke won both Artist of the Year and Song of the year at the South African Music Awards (SAMA) in 2003. His his hit songs include S’gugaNgamadolo and Storotoro.

Another one of his hits, S’guqa Ngamadolo  portrays how some kwaito music has become synonymous with the white society in South African, since the song is often played during matches at national sporting events like cricket and rugby.

Mzekezeke has been seen with different political figures like at the 2003 Freedom Day celebration where President Thabo Mbeki joined Mzekezeke on stage. This was a significant event because it showed how kwaito is beginning to be recognized at a larger level as something beyond just the youth in South Africa. He continues to deliver messages of hope and humility, as well as questioning authority.

Since his release date Mzekezeke has succesfully sold more than 100 000 copies. Mzekezeke has been nominated for the Artist of the Year and Song of the year for the SAMA Awards of 2003. He won both awards.


Back By Popular Demand



1. Back By Popular Demand

2. I Got Money I Go Down

3. Explanation OfUbubi

4. Ordinary Song

5. AkekhoOfanaNaye

6. NkqoNkqo

7. Bathathamachans

8. I Got Money I Go Down (Remix)

9. Opinionate Yourself

10. GaliGali

11. JahmanJahman

12. Mzakesman Phone & Starter Pack

13. Giyani Funk

14. Boss

15. Container Skit

16. IngomaYingoma

17. Poem Skit

18. Mzakes& Sash Talk KakIn Studio

19. Outro Player


Ama B.E.E.



1. Laugh 4 Nothing

2. Ama B.E.E.

3. Song 4 U

4. UbaniUmzekezeke

5. UmfaziUfunaUthando

6. TsFm 106.4

7. Inhliziyo Yam

8. Shhhhh

9. Mzakes Laughs

10. Uyadelela

11. KamamaUyangchaza

12. U SkhovaUyazifaka

13. Ghost Song

14. Happy Summer Song

15. Umthandazo





1. Imbongo (Pedos)

2. Important People

3. AngiphelI´moya

4. MzekeAnd Zoe (Intro)

5. Mzeke I Am Scared Of You

6. Abafana Base Zola

7. Izinyoka

8. Fosta

9. FostaNjengoMzeke Zeke

10. Lilizela

11. Lenteniyenzayo

12. Ratlala 2005

13. Ezisnaks

14. Tribute ToKhabzela

15. Bhekaphansi

16. MawuneKwali

17. Prayer





1. Intro

2. Akekh’ugogo

3. Khonabalambile (Interlude)

4. Ub’dadada

5. Gandaganda

6. Nomasonto

7. Istorotoro

8. Tribute To The Dark City Siste

9. Abafazi

10. Kham Gerela (Interlude)

11. Uph’umzeke

12. Amakoporosh (Remix)

13. Ezasekasi

14. Tembisa

15. Outro – Umthandazo


Balela – S´guqaNgamadolo



1. GuqangamaDolo met Brown

2. Amakoporosh met Brown, DJ S´Bu

3. Abangam Bam met Brown, DJ S´Bu

4. Bang BizaBani

5. Bhelela (Guqa House Remix)

6. Amajimbos (Instrumenteel)

7. Guqangamadolo Dub

8. Abagan Dub

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