Former kwaito kid Mzambiya is poised to make a comeback on the local music scene. The baby-faced musician, who went from “Zola to Hollywood” almost before he went from kindergarten to prep school, is working with renowned hip-hop producer Omen to release a new record.

Omen has worked with some of SA’s biggest kwaito acts over the last few years, including Maggz, Zuluboy and Skwatta Kamp. Mzambiya has done more than count his money since his last release nearly five years ago. After forking up for a flashy Merc last year, he cruised down to Durban for a small cameo on the then Love Jones video for Limozeen, where much to the band’s bemusement he took the starring role.

Mzambiya also recently left his old label and launched his own, called The Chef’s Kitchen. According to Rage, Mzambiya’s isn’t going to spring any surprises on his adoring fans with his new album. “It’s still kwaito,” he told the website. “Nothing is going to change, this album will sound exactly like kwaito should sound like.”

Still I Rise

Released: 2009


1. Ziyalala

2. Ibadala feat Howza

3. Nyuku feat Bouga Luv, Omen & Jazz

4. Maintain feat GP Gangsta

5. S’ khkho feat Bouga Luv

6. Mus’udlala Ngaye feat Sgebi

7. One Series

8. Lalango 5

9. Ezbandayo

10. Thinthitha





1. Intro

2. Zikode

3. My Indian Princess feat Nadine Naidoo

4. Quepesha

5. Bancane

6. Tribute To All The Heroes

7. Still Standing

8. ZonkeIndawo

9. Isikhathi

10. Skhokho

11. Long Walk

12. Bancane (Instrumental)

13. Quepesha (Instrumental)

14. My Indian Princess (Instrumental)

15. Isikhathi (Bonus Track)





1. Intro

2. WonkeUmuntu

3. AbanyeBenu

4. Ghetto love

5. S´Dakwa (Interlude)

6. Ey´Bukwayo

7. Umlilo

8. ThokozaOloz´lam

9. ChippavsMzambiya

10. IkwatoLomthakathi

11. WonkeUmuntu (Instrumental)

12. Ey´Bukwayo (Instrumental)

13. IkwaitoLomthakathi (Mix)

14. God Is Beautiful


Heir To The Throne



1. Bulldawgz Movie Intro

2. Uyaqhosha

3. We S´bali

4. In Retrospect (Unedited)

5. Zola (Bulldawgz Anthem)

6. Speaking In Tongues feat Micha

7. Sapho (Original)

8. Of Love & Kwaito feat Percy Mukwevho

9. Ghetto Tragedy feat Hip Hop Pantsula

10. Mhlobam

11. Sapho (Heavenly Mix)

12. Umhlab´uyahlaba

13. Zola (Instrumental)

14. Of Love & Kwaito

15. Mzambiya´s Thank U´s

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