SiphiweSibisi, known as General, is known from the famous kwaito group Chiskop with long time friend Mandoza.

He is solo now with his latest project ‘Street Mission,’ his album. General once again teamed up with Le Roux to produce ‘Street Mission,’ a fresh take on the township inspired fusion of Pantsula, Hip Hop and Rap.

‘Street Mission,’ is a 14 track album that is composed by great songs such as ‘ThathaUkubheka,’ ‘Da General,’ ‘BuyaEkhaya,’ ‘Bamkhuza Le Na Le’ and ‘AwuthiYami.’
Street Mission

Released: 2007


1. UngibhekiselaPhansi

2. ThathaUkubheka

3. Sesivuthiwe

4. Da General

5. 3 Months

6. AwuthiYami

7. BuyaEkhaya

8. Magazine

9. Bamkhuza Le Na Le

10. BaphiLaba

11. Magazine

12. Stokvel

13. Horn Blowers

14. AwuthiYami





1. Soldier Lami (DJ´s Dub Mix met Mario Cee)

2. General Maskruza (Chilled Jazz-house Mix)

3. Soldier Lami (Remix met Mario Cee)

4. Ngipushani

5. Siya Showa met Labella

6. Umthetho met Mashona

7. Bullet

8. Soldier Lami (Original Mix)

9. UmfanaWase Ghetto

10. General Maskruza (Original Hard Mix)

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