Doc Shebeleza

Doc Shebeleza, whose real name is Victor Bogopane, has been a dominant force in the South African music industry for a decade. Along the way, Doc Shebeleza has earned himself the reputation as a self-made superstar, one of the country’s best-selling male solo artists and an individual capability of reaching multi-platinum status which each and every release.

This one-man musical powerhouse hails from Soweto’s Naledi township where he was raised by his mother and grandparents. He kicked his music career into high gear with the debut album, ‘Skumfete’, which was an instant commercial success.

A string of recordings subsequently followed all Skumfete’s footsteps, ultimately selling in significant numbers and ensuring Doc is a household name countrywide. Doc Shebeleza says: “Music is my life. I have always cherished the dream of following a creative career that includes singing, writing songs and producing.”

The latter dream reached fruition recently when Doc Shebeleza formed his own production company, No Fear Productions. The latter is home to Baby Gee, Ndukes ‘Moferefere’, Ama-Skumferte, Boarding School and Mshedo and others.

Doc Shebeleza is also taking his status in the community to a new level, this time by becoming involved with fundraising drives to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS.

Charma Boy
Released: 2009
1. I Don’t Want To Hurt You
2. Charma Boy
3. Fats
4. Soka Lami
5. Ubhuhle Bakho Baby
6. Kwaito Generals
7. Anabodo
8. Spili
9. Sose Se Monate
10. Ez’ Bandayo
11. Ngay’ Shela Yathi Mmm
12. Geza
13. Angisenalo Uthando
14. Shona Phantsi

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