Bongo Maffin

Bongo Maffin is a South African kwaito music group. Kwaito is a type of bubblegum music that has become very popular with the youth in South Africa since the early nineties.

The group became famous for its hit albums such as ‘Thath’isigubhu.’ Bongo Maffin formed in 1996, starting as a project of South African deejay Oscar. Appleseed, one of the band members, was born and raised in Zimbabwe, and brings a distinct reggae flavor to the group’s music.

Another member, Stoan, began his musical career as a singer for the kwaito band Thebe, while Thandwisa or Red as she if often called, joined in 1997 after working with them as a backup singer and studio musician.

The fourth member, Speedy has since also gone solo. The group’s expansive and spiritual take on the dance-oriented genre has been compared to the Fugees’ broadening of American hip-hop.

The comparison is reinforced by singer Thandwisa’s soulful crooning, which is reminiscent of the Fugees’ Lauryn Hill. Their common passion for music has had a synergistic effect on their collective creativity. The fourth member of the group, Speedy, has since left the group and embarked on a solo career.

The group’s music is rooted in the rhythms of house music, but they incorporate reggae, dancehall, rap and contemporary R&B. The group, however, also gives props to their homeland, adding sounds from South Africa’s many homegrown genres: the bouncy beats of mbaqanga, gospel and the choral sound of iscathamiya made famous by Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

Bongo Maffin is an excellent example of the multiculturalism of kwaito, incorporating five languages into their music Xhosa, Tswana, Sotho, Shona and English. Furthermore, by incorporating so many different styles of music and by extending its reach around the world.



Released: 2009


1. 4-The Final Battle

2. Thathisigubhu

3. Sul’ InyembeziftSenzo ‘Character’ Langa

4. Azania

5. Diphendule

6. Valley of Hillbrow

7. Mdumise

8. Will u be there

9. Mari ye Phepha

10. I’m Feeling Naughty

11. Dance Medicine




Released: 2005


1. Intro (The Bongo Sound)

2. Kura Uone (Grow Up & You Will See)

3. More Fire

4. Siyajabula (Nhastakura)

5. Mankind

6. Re Boela back To (Reverse)

7. UpenyuWakanaka

8. Bayivumile

9. VaiibMasta

10. Third World War (A Fight Dem A Night)

11. We Bring The Fire

12. Sul’ Inyembezi

13. NdiKhumbule

14. Call me

15. What You Do




Released : 2001


1. 4 The Final Battle

2. Mari Ye Phepha

3. Diphendule

4. Azania

5. Dance Medicine

6. Mari Ye Phepha [Vocal Version]

7. Trippin’

8. Mdumise





1. LadumaIzulu

2. The Way Kungakhona

3. Twasa

4. Mamicita

5. Level

6. Brave, True And Strong

7. The Only One

8. Will U Be There

9. Gudoguru

10. Supalava

11. For You


Leaders OfD´Gong



1. Ragga Gong

2. Leaders of D´Gong

3. Summer Tym

4. Stokkie


6. MmaoWa Loa

7. Kasie Love

8. Kill ´Em Dead


Final Entry



1. Makeba

2. MmaoWa Loa

3. Get Down (Instrumental)

4. Summer Tym

5. Hotel Bali

6. Summer Tym

7. MmaoWa Loa (Instrumental)

8. Get Down

9. U Know

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