Bleksem, is the new sensation of Will Of Steel Production, he is known for his balaclava as the second Mzekezeke ‘wanna be’ but he says there a good reason why he is hiding.

This is a choice he took upon himself, mainly due to Bleksem’s awareness of the industry’s sabotage that may result due ti his association with Dj Cleo.

He was introduced to the industry as a vocalist for some of the hits such as ‘Wena Ng’hamba Nawe,’ featured on Slikours ‘Umsindo’ the remix. Bleksem is guided by his mentor and producer Dj Cleo as they both define Bleksems sound as ”satisfying the broader needs of a niche market in need of Bleksems music.”


Released: 2008
1. Skepsel
2. Or Kanjani
3. Do it
4. How long can you go
5. Wena uthini
6. Ezibandayo
7. Gumba faya
8. Kutsa
9. Labantwana
10. Siyagroova
11. Pasop
12. Mabebeza how low
13. I love you mama
14. Love for mothers
15. Pas-strumental

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