Arthur Mafokate also known as the King of Kwaito was born in Soweto Pimville, He and his family relocated to a nearby township in Soweto called Chiawelo. That is where the King of Kwaito discovered his dreams as the music entertainer. Arthur Mafokate is also recognized of his dancing skills, he became a supporting dancer for many top artists such as Brenda Fassie, Son of Morwa and Son of Fame and Johnny Makholi. With his dancing skills he was able to be closer to his goals of being a musician. Arthur was credited for creating the first kwaito hit in 1995 with a hit song Vuvuzela. Arthur Mafokate song was very notable musically for introducing a new genre of music of which we as kwaito today.
Vuvuzela lyrics were reflected as the new freedom that emerged after the political changes of 1994 after the release of former president Mandela. Arthur Mafokate release hit single title “Kaffir” the term used in South Africa as a racial slur to refer to black people, in this title Arthur Mafokate is protesting against the use of the word Kaffir and claiming that his big boss would not like to be called as bobbejaan or simple as a baboon. His song is not having only a musical milestone but it as also of the lyrics. According to Arthur Mafokatekwaito is all about ghetto music, In whatever manner the apartheid era was coming to an end. His musical noted a perfect reminder of countable and uncountable of the past and future inspiration.
Arthur Mafokate is a self-esteem kwaito artist he is a founder and producer of 999 music record company, these is a private owned company that produces upcoming artist for kwaito music. The kwaito star named his recording label company after the house number of his family home in chiawelo. His production is Supasta, Bambezela, Doom Sugar, Tall and Slender, Papa Jeff, PinkyPinky, Abashante, New School, Lira, Purity, Speedy, Makhendlas, Brenda Fassie, Chafkop, Ishmael, Mshoza etc.
Arthur Mafokate gained recognition for his sharing for this new age of music in 2007 by FNB South African Music Awards. By making the song Oyi-Oyi it was like a freedom of expresion that meant a lot to a youth of South Africa. Arthur Mafokate commits himself in everything he does.

Kwaito Meets House

Released: 2008


1. Dez Power

2. If You believe

3. Nakh’ya

4. Dikatareng

5. Girl I Tried

6. Khungkhwane Basadi

7. Undoda

8. Sekgalabjana

9. Ibiza 1998

10. Arthur’s groove

11. Hayi kabi

12. Bayalahla

13. Hands in my pants

14. Ngenjabulo

15. Hey you

16. Undoda (video Mix)


Round 1

Released: 2008


1. Show me how to love you

2. Cry no more

3. Watching you

4. I knew I was a superstar

5. Uyabaleka

6. I will get you

7. Mamezala

8. So high

9. Abantu bakithi bo

10. Take me higher

11. This summer time (whats up you all)

12. Eldo’s funk

13. Take me to yo room

14. Mosadi wa mo Africa

15. Make my day

16. For me



Released: 2007


1. Bamba Isandla

2. Ngifuna Uk’phila Nawe featuring Thiwe

3. Soweto

4. K’sala Abasalayo

5. Dankie

6. Woza S’thandwa featuring Shady Lady –

7. Who is the king

8. Yenza K’phela

9. K’mele Afe

10. Summer (Yenz’umathanda)

11. Batista

12. Msindo

13. I Like The Way featuring Londi

14. Sika Lekhekhe featuring Shady Lady

15. Pelepele –
Vanilla Chocolate

Released: 2006


1. Makhelwane ft. Zombo

2. Pelepele

3. Umangthanda

4. I Like The Way ft. Londi

5. Vanilla Chocolate

6. Thalala ft. Zombo

7. Bamba Le Roof ft. Lydia

8. Bayale Nale ft. Londi

9. Niya Vuma Na ft. Londi

10. Tshwana Le Yena ft. Lydia

11. Vanilla Chocolate (Instrumental)

12. Bamba Le Roof (Instrumental)

13. Sika Lekhekhe (Black Coffee Remix)

14. Makhelwane (Black Coffee Remix)



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